August 2018 by @Bauke and @Kat


Since last month's open-sourcing plenty of contributions have come in by various users, so let's go through some of those. You can find the official topics about these listed below in the Notable Official Topics table.


Of course there hasn't been just contributions by other users, so let's give @Deimos some love too for what he's changed this month. Official topics can again be found below.


Halfway through August a topic was posted that introduced several permissions that could be granted manually to users. Namely, editing a topic's tags, title and which group it's in.

So far tag editing permissions have been given to quite a number of people. Moving topics to different groups to less people and title editing to nobody yet, as far as I know.

Wiki & Chats

In response to user request, the 18th saw the creation of the unofficial Tildes wiki, born for the purpose of helping groups create more‐permanent archives of content and catalogue some community best practices until Tildes gets an official one on‐site. Some good examples are the ~hobbies page, which lists the hobbies that currently have dedicated megathreads—alongside some suggestions for new ones—and ~tech’s list of FOSS alternatives for closed‐source software, for those just getting into a more privacy‐focused mindset without knowing where to start.

It’s also home to the list of all currently‐known unofficial community chats, for when you want to talk to fellow Tildes users in a more casual setting, as well as the off‐site user directory, should you wish to detail a profile for yourself more comprehensive than what the site allows. It is currently editable by anyone without registration (though registration will hide your IP address on public edit logs), so if you’d like to help build it up, take a look at the manual and syntax guide and make a few contributions! Right now, most of the edits are from some power user, and we don’t want to let them get undue influence over the wiki.


In the month of August 2018…

Official Topics

Editing "grace period" for comments and topics increased to 5 minutes
Your own user page now has paginated Topics and Comments views - let's talk about user history visibility
Username mentions in comments now send notifications
General plans for the week
Markdown for strikethrough and tables is now enabled
The unread notifications page now has a "Mark all read" button
Two-factor authentication is now available
Input wanted about title-editing, especially by topics' authors
Users can now be (manually) granted permissions to re-tag topics, move them between groups, and edit titles
Added buttons to collapse all reply comments and expand all comments
Extremely basic search added
You can now set a default theme for your account (and still override on individual devices if you want)
If you have the "mark new comments" feature enabled, old comments will now be collapsed when returning to a thread
General Tildes feedback/questions thread + invites given to everyone