July 2018 by @Bauke

Open Source

Arguably the most notable highlight of July was the open-sourcing of the code. You can now find the source code in the GitLab repository and contribute, keep up with the development or create your own version of Tildes entirely. The project is licensed under the GNU AGPLv3 license, you can find a good summary on GitHub's choosealicense.com.

If you're interested in contributing or just messing around, 2 new documentation pages were added for developing, namely: Development Setup and Development. These will get you up and running in no time.

Read more about it here and here.

On July 21st, the first feature contribution was merged, developed by Ivan Fonseca better known as @what on Tildes. Allowing you to open external and/or internal links in new tabs. You can find the toggles inside your settings, above the "Change your password" section.

Read more about it here.

New Groups

July 23rd saw the introduction of 4 new groups, listed below, following the group requests topic in the beginning of July.

Summaries of each group are available in their respective sidebars and in the announcement topic.

Read more about it here.

Not So Daily Discussions

On the 26th Deimos posted a topic in ~tildes.official titled Not-so-daily Tildes discussion. Outlining what the future of the Daily Discussions will hold. To sum it up, daily discussions will now appear on a more "on-demand" basis. Initially the daily discussions were to boost the site's activity however it's not really needed anymore. Along with the current backlog of plans and previous discussions that need attention first.

Also noted is that there will be a new post each Monday including the general plans for the week, as well as a general feedback/questions/suggestions topic every couple of weeks.

I highly recommend reading the original topic, if you haven't already.


In the month of July 2018…

Official Topics

Daily Tildes discussion - how can we help people "acclimate" in a friendlier way?
Daily Tildes discussion - how do we make groups feel more like "separate spaces"?
Daily Tildes discussion - proposals for "trial groups", round 1
Daily Tildes discussion - general questions/feedback
Added a confirmation prompt if you're leaving a page with something "unfinished"
Daily Tildes discussion - more filtering options?
Daily Tildes discussion - figuring out some early details of the group hierarchy
Daily Tildes discussion - please help find omissions from the issue tracker
Daily Tildes discussion - thoughts about the site's activity level
Daily Tildes discussion - how can we maintain quality without drifting too far into "gatekeeping"?
Daily Tildes discussion - approaches to self-promotion
The Tildes code is now open-sourced
Daily Tildes discussion - more details about handling removed posts
Daily Tildes discussion - General questions/feedback
User settings are now available for opening links in new tabs
Daily Tildes discussion - general plans for the week
Four new groups added (and everyone subscribed): ~anime, ~enviro, ~humanities, and ~life
Daily Tildes discussion - Just... try to relax a bit
Not-so-daily Tildes discussion
The blog post about Tildes being open-source is up - please feel free to share it with people/communities you think would be interested
New variant of "open links in new tabs" setting to apply to links inside the text of comments, topics, and messages
General plans for the week