June 2018 by @Bauke

New Groups

The first change to Tildes in June was the addition of 5 new groups:

And also the creation of the first sub-group: ~tildes.official, which now features any official announcements as well as the Daily Discussions. This sub-group also sparked the ability for only admins to create topics. You can read more about it in the announcement topic.

Default Sorting

The default sort order has been changed from "Activity, All Time" to "Activity, 24 Hours". You can also set your own default sort order which will apply to your general topic listing of groups you're subscribed to and the topic listing of any group you visit.

To change your default sort order you can select any order you'd like to save and click on the "Set as default" button.

Read more about it here and here.

Mark Notifications As Read

A new setting was added to the settings page that will allow you to automatically mark all your notifications as read once you visit the notifications pages. It's off by default, so check it out if you haven't already. In case you accidentally mark any of your notifications as read, you can always find all of them here.

Read more about it here.


A bunch of features involving tags have been including filtering to show or hide posts with some tags, a discussion on standardization and guidelines.

You can access your filter to hide by clicking the "Edit filtered tags" in the sidebar or by navigating to your settings.

To filter out topics to only show with specific tags you can click on any tag from a topic or append ?tag=tag to the URL. Like this: https://tildes.net/~tech?tag=security, it'll only show you topics tagged with security in the ~tech group.

Read more about it here and here.

Topic Log

June 18th saw the introduction of the topic log. A log of changes made to a topic, located in the sidebar. Currently the only things logged are if a topic is (un)locked, if someone has changed the tags and/or edited the title.

Read more about it here.


In the month of June 2018…

Official Topics

Daily Tildes discussion - is "activity" sort still holding up as the default?
Daily Tildes discussion - new groups added, please subscribe to them if you're interested
Daily Tildes discussion - should we allow groups to have customized appearances?
Daily Tildes discussion - what missing/broken things are the most "shocking"?
Daily Tildes discussion - quality concerns
Tildes Daily discussion - let's talk more about filtering
You can now set a (global) default sort/period for topic listings + initial default changed to "activity, last 24 hours"
Daily Tildes discussion - banning for bad-faith/trolling behavior
You can now set different default topic sorting order/period for individual groups as well
Daily Tildes discussion - future daily Tildes discussions
Daily Tildes discussion - should inviter/invitee info be public?
Added a new setting to automatically mark notifications as read when you view the unread page
Daily Tildes discussion - let's start gathering some thoughts for commenting guidelines
Daily Tildes discussion - finding a balance between discussions and quality links
Daily Tildes discussion - thoughts on recruiting
Topic listings can now be filtered to a specific tag
Daily Tildes discussion - general feedback/questions
"Invited by" information for users is no longer displayed
Daily Tildes discussion - topic tag standardization/guidelines
You can now define topic tag filters, which will hide topics with certain tags by default in your listings
Daily Tildes discussion - starting some moderation
Daily Tildes discussion - Haunted by Data
Daily Tildes discussion - the importance of content
There's now a "topic log" shown in the sidebar of topics when changes have been made to it
Daily Tildes discussion - Metafilter
Daily Tildes discussion (and changelog) - "new topic" page and process updated
Daily Tildes discussion - "trial" groups?
Minor text formatting updates
Daily Tildes discussion - nothing in particular
Daily Tildes discussion - title editing
Daily Tildes discussion - please help write new descriptions for the groups
Daily Tildes discussion - how to handle account deletion
Daily Tildes discussion - minor group updates
Daily Tildes discussion - allowing users to post anonymously?