October 2018 by @Bauke

Search Tags

On the 16th, search was expanded to also include tags in the results so you can find that one obscure topic a little faster. You can find the official topic here.

Brave Donations

On the 25th, Tildes got the ability for users to donate via Brave's BAT system, if you don't know what it is I recommend reading their FAQ and the comments on the announcement topic.

Six-Month Anniversary

On the 26th, Tildes became 6 months old. And a new demographics survey, the "Year 0.5 Survey", popped up from user @Kat. So if you haven't already (and the survey is still open), fill it out! Remember that you can skip any questions you don't want to answer.


And finally, on the spookiest day of the month a long-awaited feature, "Bookmarking" was added! Another open-source contribution, once again by @what. A merge request that's been in the works for 2 months!

You can bookmark any topics and comments you like and they will show up on a new user page called Bookmarks, which you can find in the sidebar on your profile, just above your invites.


In the month of October 2018…

Official Topics

General Tildes feedback, questions, and so on
Minor search update: topic tags are now included in search
Help/input wanted on a couple of updates
Tildes can now receive Basic Attention Tokens (from the Brave browser or BATify extension)
Topics and comments can now be bookmarked (aka "saved")