September 2018 by @Bauke

Comment Tag... Labels!

Early on in September, comment tags were re-enabled. Primarily for experimentation and to see how people would use them. During the coming 10 days, comment tags received a few changes here and there to see what works and what doesn't. Eventually leading up to the introduction of the "relevance" comment sort order.

The relevance sort order was made the default and it's basically the "most votes" order however the comment tags also affect a comment's placement. So if people tagged your comment as "noise" it would become automatically collapsed, off-topic will be lowered compared to on-topic comments, etc.

Then, after another number of days, comment tags were renamed to labels. As well as a number of other changes and even a new, positive comment label entirely. Definitely a topic to read if you haven't already.

Scraping Data

On the 11th, scraping data was added using Embedly's "Extract" API. A plethora of things can be done with it but for now there's only been a handful of additions. Namely, embedding a tweet's content in a topic and showing the published date of an article if the article is 3 days older than the topic.

Syntax Highlighting

On the 21st, @Soptik's syntax highlighting contribution was implemented and will be a great addition to the style of the site. Especially over in ~comp.

You can find the merge request here and the announcement topic here.


In the month of September 2018…

Official Topics

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