August 2019 by @Bauke

Various Updates

Over the course of August there have been various updates/improvements made, some of which you can read more about here or briefly summarized in this list:

GitLab Reorganization

A big reorganization of the GitLab issue tracker has been underway during the end of August, although it is not yet finished here's a small list of some things that have changed so far:

And a bunch more things I will cover in next month's post once the reorganization is finished.


In the month of August 2019…

Official Topics

Recent updates - repost warning, topic-tagging improvements, group-specific search, markdown strikethrough formatting, wiki/docs updates
Some <details> about more <small> updates (you'll get that in a minute) and general Tildes feedback/questions/comments
Potential new groups, and general discussion about the purpose and organization of the group hierarchy