February 2019 by @Bauke


On the 1st of February, @Deimos posted a topic announcing some changes and tweaks to experiment with and what people would think of them. Like removing the username of link-topics on the topic listing and putting the domain where the username went instead, amongst others. There was a lot of discussion on that topic, and after a couple weeks @hungariantoast also posted a topic talking about the changes which also got some great discussion.


On the 16th of February, Tildes hit a big milestone and became publicly-viewable. Allowing anyone without an account to look at Tildes and browse around, participating in the topics and comments still requires an account (which still requires an invite) but at least people can peek inside now! If you know of anyone that was on the fence about Tildes because they couldn't see what it was like, maybe talk to them again. ;)


About half a year ago, I opened an issue regarding the themes, as (at the time) the way themes were done was a little all over the place so I wanted to clean it up a little, making it so new ones could be added in an easier fashion. Fast forward a few months and the new system is merged in. And now, in the same announcement as becoming publicly-viewable, Tildes also received its first new theme using the new theme system. Dracula! :D A colorscheme I'm particularly fond of (if you haven't already noticed this site also uses Dracula). So I definitely recommend you check it out on Tildes, you can change your theme in your settings at the top or if you're not logged in, at the footer of the main site.


In the month of February 2019…

Official Topics

Experimenting with some changes to information that's displayed on topics, and some other tweaks
The long-awaited moment... Dracula theme added! Oh also, the site is publicly visible now (but let's not be too noisy about it yet).