January 2019 by @Bauke

Profile Pagination

On the 25th of January it was announced that full profile pagination was added to everyone's profiles following that next Monday, the 28th. Since we're now past that, you (and anyone logged in viewing your profile) can scroll through all your posted topics and comments. No longer will you have to switch between the Topics or Comments only views!

Issue Log Changes

Last week I've also spent some time on adding more statistics to the issue log, such as: number of commits made, how many unique contributors authored commits and how many lines of code were changed/added/deleted. I regenerated and added these new statistics also to the previous months where applicable. There are still some numbers I want to add but if you think of any feel free to leave a comment in this issue or on the Tildes or Reddit topics.

As announced in [the latest official topic Tildes will become publicly-viewable very soon. Once that happens I also want to add the statistics I can now gather by scraping in a new section so there's some numbers on Tildes itself, and not just the activity on GitLab. I think this will be a very good addition for people that haven't been on Tildes long to get some insight on what the activity is like. I've made an issue for these statistics here, if you have any suggestions let me know.


In the month of January 2019…

Official Topics

Your own "main" user page (both topics and comments) is now paginated - this will be extended to everyone soon, so last warning to do any history cleanup