June 2019 by @Bauke

A Slow Month

I'm sorry to say there are no highlights this month, mainly because I didn't pay much attention to one of 2 major changes this month, the hidden votes experiment so I didn't really know how to talk about it. While the other major change, the sorting mechanics, I couldn't think of anything coherent enough that would add onto what's already available in the announcement topic itself (is this writer's block? is it the >30°C weather? who knows). I contemplated just not posting it and combining it into next month's post but decided because the statistics and tables might still be useful it might as well go up now. I can always go back and edit a highlight in if I think of it (or if someone else can write about anything relevant I'd happily add that too). Anyways, here's this month's Issue Log! again, sorry it's not very good this month


In the month of June 2019…

Official Topics

The number of votes on comments is no longer visible (for the next week)
Comment vote counts are now visible again
Updates to "Activity" sorting method (the site's default)