November 2019 by @Bauke

Scheduled Topics

On the 7th, a new section was added to the sidebar of groups to list all of the automatically posted recurring topics that happen in that group.


Another feature that was added on the 7th was the Financials page. Detailing the income and expenses Tildes has, as well as a monthly donation goal and the progress towards it.

If you're interested in donating, please check out the Donate page. Any and all donations help, thank you!

Voting Records

On the 21st, a change was made to the way Tildes stores the information on the topics and comments you've voted on. Instead of storing that data forever, it will now be deleted after that particular topic or comment you've voted on is 30 days old. Alongside this, voting on these 30-day-old posts will also be locked and afterwards only show how many votes it received during those 30 days.

A few days later on the 27th, a new page was also added that lists all the things you've voted on. Because voting records are now being deleted, this list will only show what you've voted on the past 30 days. For keeping track of any topics and comments for an indefinite amount of time, you can use the bookmarks feature.


In the month of November 2019…

Official Topics

Added a page showing details of Tildes's financials, as well as a monthly donation goal
The donation goal for November has been (more than) reached! Let's talk a bit about how to handle "extra" donations
The voting on topics and comments now ends when they're 30 days old and all individual vote records are deleted, retaining only the count
A page has been added to view the posts you've voted on (up to 30 days old)