October 2019 by @Bauke

GitHub Sponsors

Back in May of 2019, GitHub announced "GitHub Sponsors: a new way to contribute to open source", allowing people to donate to open-source projects directly via GitHub. And recently on the 28th, @Deimos was accepted into the program. The main interesting parts about it for Tildes though are: for the first 12 months of the program 100% of any donations will go to the developer (no transaction fees or GitHub taking a cut) and, GitHub will match up to $5000 during the project's first year in the program (note: there have been some people that didn't get their donations matched, see this comment chain for more info). So knowing all that, if you can, please consider donating (preferably through GitHub Sponsors)! Thank you!

Layout Changes

At the start of October, some changes were made to the layout of topics and tags to rearrange them and display them in a better way:

Scheduled Recurring Topics

On the 10th, a new feature was added for automatic posting of recurring topics. Previously several members of Tildes would post these recurring topics themselves, but now there's support for these to be posted automatically through a "system" account.

On October 14th, search was added to user's profiles. For now you can only search through your own topics and comments.

On October 21st, PostgreSQL (the database system Tildes uses) was upgraded to version 12 that introduced a whole variety of search features, check out the official announcement topic to get some examples of the new features. It includes stuff like quoted searches, excluding terms, and more.

Open Source Contributions


In the month of October 2019…

Official Topics

Some layout adjustments and de-emphasizing topic tags a little
Adding native scheduled/recurring topics, let's figure out which ones we want to have
More about scheduled topics, some group rearranging, and input needed on "content types"
You can now search your own topics and comments, and a theme preview page is available
New search capabilities available: phrases, excluding terms, alternatives ("or")
I've been accepted into GitHub Sponsors - if you have a Patreon pledge or other recurring donation to Tildes, I'd really appreciate it if you could move it over