September 2019 by @Bauke

New Groups

Early in September on the 5th, @Deimos added the new groups that were proposed in July and further discussed at the end of August. For a list of all the groups you can go to this page, the new groups are:

Stripe Updates

Over the course of several days, the Stripe donation page got reworked to use the new version of Stripe Checkout. This new version will redirect you to a page on the Stripe website instead of using a pop-up modal where you enter your details and donate. This also came with the opportunity to add recurring/subscription-based donations so that's available too now. The available options are "One time", "Monthly" or "Yearly".

I'd also like to take this opportunity to remind you that Tildes has no advertising, no investors, and is supported by your donations. So, if you can, please donate to Tildes through any of the available methods. Thank you!

Various Updates

As with every other month, there were also several changes made:

GitLab Reorganization

As alluded to in last month's post a big reorganization of the issue tracker and several other components was done to make it easier to use the issue tracker, so let's go over them:


In the month of September 2019…

Official Topics

New groups added, more work still happening on rearranging, moving topics, etc.