January 2020 by @Bauke

Ignoring Topics

On the 13th, a (yet another) feature contribution by @what was implemented. This time allowing people to ignore topics. Ignoring a topic will hide it from the topic listing and (as of the 23rd) also stop notifications from being sent to you. So if someone mentions you or replies to one of your comments in that ignored topic you won't receive the notifications for that.

In the announcement topic there were also some further questions @Deimos had about the functionality, so definitely check that out if you have any ideas or thoughts on how it currently works.

Mark New Comments

On the 22nd, @Deimos posted a topic asking the community if they had concerns with enabling the "mark new comments" for everyone. This is a very useful feature that when you return to a topic and there's new comments since your latest visit, it will mark those with an orange/red-ish (depending on your theme of choice) stripe on the left of the comment. Topics in the topic listing will also display a "(x new)" in the same orange/red-ish color next to the total amount of comments, so it's easy to follow up on any activity. This was previously an opt-in feature due to privacy concerns.

After a few days and having feedback from the community, @Deimos went ahead and enabled it for everyone. If you'd like for old comments to be automatically collapsed so only the new ones are readily visible, there's an option for that in the "Site behavior settings".


In the month of January 2020…

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