August 2019


The Tildes Issue Log is a monthly recurring post about the changes and progression that Tildes has made. Highlighting some of the newest additions and changes, as well as a complete table of every issue opened and closed in that month, along with some interesting statistics so you can get a look into the development process and a quick grasp of anything you may have missed.


If anything is incorrect or you have anything that you'd like to see changed or added please open an issue, PM me or comment on the posted topic on Tildes.

If you'd like to write a highlight section or want to contribute in any other way, feel free to do so. Like Tildes, this will remain entirely open-source.


Various Updates

Over the course of August there have been various updates/improvements made, some of which you can read more about here or briefly summarized in this list:

  • The Docs have had a major rewrite/reorganization/rework using the Wiki system. (Contributed by @Algernon_Asimov, thank you!)
  • You can now write small text using the <small> HTML tag.
  • You can now also write expandable boxes/"spoilerboxes" using the <details> and <summary> HTML tags. Check out the Text Formatting docs for an example.
  • A new theme "Zenburn" has been added, you can change themes in your settings.
  • A small warning will now display above the comment box if the topic or comment you're replying to is over a week old. (Open-source contribution by @deing, thank you!)
  • If you have the mark new comments feature enabled, visiting topics you've previously read will now automatically jump you to the comments section.

Author: Bauke

Written Date: 2019-08-30

GitLab Reorganization

A big reorganization of the GitLab issue tracker has been underway during the end of August, although it is not yet finished here's a small list of some things that have changed so far:

  • Labels have been completely redone, view them all here
  • @Deimos has gone through the entire tracker and either accepted or denied all the issues, if you've ever wanted to contribute to the code but couldn't find anything you could work on that was confirmed to be a wanted feature now is the time to check again. You can filter for Stage::Accepted to find them easily.
  • Several "Epics" have been made to track individual issues for broad features of Tildes such as Search and the Wiki system, more Epics will be made in the coming weeks/months.

And a bunch more things I will cover in next month's post once the reorganization is finished.


Author: Bauke

Written Date: 2019-08-31


In the month of August, 41 commits were made by 3 contributors, changing a total of 350 (+589|-239) lines. 34 issues were opened and 70 issues were closed.

An average of 1.13 issues were opened and 2.33 issues were closed each day.

The average time to close issues was 272.64 days or 6543.30 hours.

Top 3 issue creators:

  1. Bauke with 15 issues created.
  2. cfabbro with 11 issues created.
  3. Deimorz with 5 issues created.

Amount of labels assigned to currently open issues:

Amount of labels assigned to closed issues:

Notable Official Topics

2019-08-01Recent updates - repost warning, topic-tagging improvements, group-specific search, markdown strikethrough formatting, wiki/docs updates Click
2019-08-13Some <details> about more <small> updates (you'll get that in a minute) and general Tildes feedback/questions/comments Click
2019-08-28Potential new groups, and general discussion about the purpose and organization of the group hierarchy Click

Issue Table


529Add the ability to define synonymous topic tags...cfabbro2019/08/03 00:10:00
530Could small be allowed through the Markdown?Bauke2019/08/05 22:08:182019/08/05 22:36:07
531Indicate whether older topics with the same lin...deing2019/08/06 17:03:092019/08/06 19:18:15
532Proposal to Prototype: Topic Tags as Content Wa...umbrae2019/08/07 22:14:42
533Add support for folders to wikiDeimorz2019/08/10 01:40:56
534Detect and distinguish "topic type" (video, PDF...cfabbro2019/08/10 15:23:55
535Create mechanism for showing "site wide tag res...cfabbro2019/08/10 15:33:30
536Only show number of non-label-collapsed (i.e. n...cfabbro2019/08/10 21:59:20
537Add search bar to every page, instead of just h...cfabbro2019/08/11 00:41:09
538Consider reversing the sort order for private m...cfabbro2019/08/13 03:18:48
539Change comment voting so it doesn't replace the...Deimorz2019/08/13 05:40:22
540Ability to rename/delete wiki pages (and/or req...Bauke2019/08/14 02:44:32
541Add diff view to wiki pagesBauke2019/08/14 12:37:53
542Add a "demo" page for themesDeimorz2019/08/15 21:04:39
543Put a lighter background behind some topic icon...Deimorz2019/08/15 22:26:42
544Add "argument/bickering" label for users to app...cfabbro2019/08/20 14:30:08
545Show whether a comment has already been replied...cfabbro2019/08/20 14:52:362019/08/31 01:01:13
546Open details elements don't adhere to paragraph...Bauke2019/08/20 15:19:202019/08/20 22:08:02
547While on the search results page, add a way to ...cfabbro2019/08/23 16:34:46
549Outdated npm package requires updateBauke2019/08/23 19:56:272019/08/23 20:27:30
550Make notifications triggered by username mentio...cfabbro2019/08/24 07:22:28
551Update marshmallow to 3.0+Deimorz2019/08/26 20:20:12
552Allow to quickly browse groupslugubris2019/08/27 12:48:00
553Add ability for site Admin to distinguish comme...cfabbro2019/08/31 11:05:43
554Make the W3 validator passBauke2019/08/31 13:12:31
555Add a "skip-link"Bauke2019/08/31 13:18:05
556Add ARIA roles and landmarksBauke2019/08/31 13:23:39
557Use appropriate ARIA labelsBauke2019/08/31 13:29:34
558Decide on API architectureBauke2019/08/31 13:45:27
559Authentication/authorization mechanism for APIBauke2019/08/31 13:53:16
560Include comments when searchingBauke2019/08/31 15:24:29
561Allow specifying author when searchingBauke2019/08/31 15:27:14
562Include/exclude operators for searchBauke2019/08/31 15:28:19
563Allow searching and filtering tags at the same ...Bauke2019/08/31 15:30:51


3Scaling issues on iOS (iPad Pro, latest iOS ver...cfabbro2018/04/27 03:37:002019/08/31 02:22:13
9Page formatting displays incorrectly in SafariGabrielMorris2018/05/04 02:38:422019/08/30 23:48:57
14Add ability to link to a comment instead of jus...Deimorz2018/05/06 00:07:142019/08/30 23:50:02
41add "context" button that shows self-text to th...cfabbro2018/05/22 22:43:432019/08/30 23:57:59
55Need better handling for deeply-nested comment ...Deimorz2018/05/24 21:05:572019/08/30 23:59:28
56A better way to reference text of the original ...Deimorz2018/05/24 21:08:122019/08/31 00:00:11
61Voting on a deleted comment makes a big, ugly e...Deimorz2018/05/26 04:46:152019/08/31 00:00:51
69Double click to collapseiiv2018/05/26 12:09:522019/08/31 00:03:02
72Markdown / Editor: Loosing extra spaces inside ...zowesiouff2018/05/26 17:51:522019/08/31 00:05:33
84look into Liberapay crowdfunding platform as Pa...cfabbro2018/05/28 20:32:122019/08/31 00:06:31
97Improve messages after updating settingsDeimorz2018/05/31 21:12:342019/08/31 00:09:15
108some TLDs are not being parsed correctly as hyp...cfabbro2018/06/03 22:29:122019/08/31 00:13:48
113Add group-specific topic tag filtersDeimorz2018/06/05 10:24:522019/08/31 00:16:31
125Add ability for users to view their recently vi...cfabbro2018/06/12 00:59:382019/08/31 00:39:43
126Add permalinks for topic tags and mutli-tag pag...cfabbro2018/06/12 01:13:272019/08/31 00:43:35
131Make the future API support MessagePacklordpipe2018/06/14 01:49:482019/08/31 00:50:02
150Consider supporting the "click to expand" deta...cfabbro2018/07/08 02:15:552019/08/12 23:59:33
166Replace site logo (either entirely or just with...Deimorz2018/07/21 01:02:052019/08/31 01:08:25
173Mobile Safari displays underscores in place of ...Deimorz2018/07/25 03:24:242019/08/31 01:11:41
174Move the `post-buttons` (edit, tags, delete) to...cfabbro2018/07/27 10:42:402019/08/31 01:12:14
177Switch to Python-based Markdown implementationivanfon2018/07/30 18:01:072019/08/31 01:16:11
179Add support for browser notificationsnektro2018/07/31 07:04:202019/08/31 01:24:03
197Topic view count update on marking notification...jms3012018/08/07 10:41:502019/08/31 01:32:49
232Topic moving & re-tagging do not check if topic...jms3012018/08/23 07:24:152019/08/31 01:46:13
242When linking to a specific comment in a thread ...cfabbro2018/08/31 01:42:482019/08/31 01:57:17
257Add custom styling to `loud` topic tag.cfabbro2018/09/13 22:37:462019/08/31 02:04:29
263Embed support for images and videosdcelasun2018/09/25 21:54:552019/08/31 02:21:01
275Change border-left color for linked comments to...Bauke2018/10/01 15:52:262019/08/31 02:32:29
279Add Ubuntu themehaykam2018/10/03 00:37:412019/08/31 02:33:56
281If a user hasn't visited a topic comment sectio...cfabbro2018/10/03 04:58:072019/08/31 02:34:58
284Linking to a child of a collapsed (e.g. noisy) ...tvfj2018/10/04 07:48:552019/08/31 02:36:20
294When linking to search results and ?tag=, users...cfabbro2018/10/13 05:05:142019/08/31 02:57:45
304Feature Request: SQRL authenticationalex90992018/10/22 11:11:192019/08/31 03:05:07
308Add the ability to publish a topic laterainar-g2018/10/27 20:40:272019/08/31 03:06:42
309New Topic View - Make title input multiline - t...AdamsT2018/10/29 06:57:072019/08/31 03:09:17
313Add organization options to the bookmark featur...cfabbro2018/11/01 12:37:292019/08/31 03:11:34
330Scrape the original source domain from outline....cfabbro2018/11/18 16:08:572019/08/31 03:16:49
335Public / Third Party REST APIuselessabstraction2018/12/01 01:04:312019/08/31 13:38:43
339Add more default options in "from:" topic sort ...cfabbro2018/12/07 16:30:262019/08/31 03:25:03
340ftp:// links leave behind bare a tagsDeimorz2018/12/07 20:13:012019/08/31 03:26:07
348General accessibility improvementsDeimorz2018/12/29 21:56:072019/08/31 12:06:14
363Deprioritize deleted comments (especially chain...cfabbro2019/02/15 23:01:382019/08/31 03:31:47
365Solarized light theme input colour is jarringleifm2019/02/17 04:06:502019/08/31 03:34:07
389Equivalent to RES' single click openerAmndeep72019/03/19 02:40:512019/08/31 03:42:37
390Alternating background color with comment depthAmndeep72019/03/19 03:06:232019/08/31 03:44:03
393Clearly distinguish topics that don't link to s...cfabbro2019/03/23 08:11:082019/08/31 03:49:15
399Topic excerpt summary icon changes color but te...Bauke2019/03/30 14:14:312019/08/31 03:52:12
406Mobile: Page content squeezed to one side of th...asoftbird2019/04/05 09:17:132019/08/31 03:54:56
411On mobile, make the title go above the votesBauke2019/04/10 23:20:272019/08/31 03:57:47
412When linking to a comment collapsed because of ...Bauke2019/04/11 15:08:432019/08/31 03:59:04
417Should we give the left border/highlight stripe...Bauke2019/04/15 01:33:132019/08/31 04:02:14
424Allow users to collaborate on topic text posts ...cfabbro2019/04/19 12:46:532019/08/31 04:07:41
427More advanced searchBauke2019/04/23 14:15:022019/08/31 15:17:30
429Figure out why prospector (and maybe other tool...Deimorz2019/04/24 21:52:292019/08/31 04:11:41
431Replace shortlinks with the link behind itBauke2019/04/26 01:32:512019/08/31 04:13:08
434Option for receiving notifications via emailcfabbro2019/04/26 03:34:252019/08/31 04:15:29
438Prevent 'bad' words in short urltomflint2019/04/26 07:36:182019/08/31 04:17:50
445Allow people to delete their accountsBauke2019/04/28 16:33:262019/08/31 03:32:57
447Add "sorted by: exemplary" option for new profi...cfabbro2019/04/30 01:09:462019/08/31 04:05:08
452Allow users to label their own comments with "s...cfabbro2019/05/07 05:53:392019/08/31 04:23:38
459Vacation Notice (or account parking)refragable2019/05/11 22:09:162019/08/31 04:26:33
461Add labels to accepted and declined merge reque...Bauke2019/05/12 14:30:202019/08/31 04:27:03
465Show the comment label button for users 1 week...Bauke2019/05/13 17:39:472019/08/31 05:04:01
466Add warning when replying to very old threadcfabbro2019/05/13 20:12:192019/08/13 19:10:33
486Markdown: When a link is created without the pr...AdamsT2019/06/01 01:29:052019/08/31 20:50:13
530Could small be allowed through the Markdown?Bauke2019/08/05 22:08:182019/08/05 22:36:07
531Indicate whether older topics with the same lin...deing2019/08/06 17:03:092019/08/06 19:18:15
545Show whether a comment has already been replied...cfabbro2019/08/20 14:52:362019/08/31 01:01:13
546Open details elements don't adhere to paragraph...Bauke2019/08/20 15:19:202019/08/20 22:08:02
549Outdated npm package requires updateBauke2019/08/23 19:56:272019/08/23 20:27:30