December 2018


The Tildes Issue Log is a monthly recurring post about the changes and progression that Tildes has made. Highlighting some of the newest additions and changes, as well as a complete table of every issue opened and closed in that month, along with some interesting statistics so you can get a look into the development process and a quick grasp of anything you may have missed.


If anything is incorrect or you have anything that you'd like to see changed or added please open an issue, PM me or comment on the posted topic on Tildes.

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Topic Ownership

On December 18th, Deimos posted a topic to discuss potential site mechanics of topics and who owns them that gained a wild variety of responses that's worth checking out if you haven't already: click here to read it.


Author: Bauke

Written Date: 2018-07-30

Something that has been planned for quite a while has been added on December 22nd. Shortlinks!

You can now share topics via the shortlink that is available in the sidebar of topics, over here. The shortlinks are just " ID" where "topic ID" are the 3 characters of a topic's URL. So becomes

More options like linking to specific comments, users and other stuff is planned, don't worry!


Author: Bauke

Written Date: 2018-07-30

Happy New Year

2018 has come to a close and to celebrate, there will be 47 invite codes (courtesy of some friends and myself) below, so anyone reading that doesn't have an account yet can check out Tildes. Please read through the docs a little so you know for sure what you're getting into. Enjoy! :)

Clicking the link will take you straight to the registration page with the code filled out (I can't check which ones are and aren't used, so this won't be updated sorry).

Codes from Bauke: Code 1, Code 2, Code 3, Code 4, Code 5, Code 6, Code 7, Code 8, Code 9, Code 10.

Codes from Deing: Code 11, Code 12, Code 13, Code 14, Code 15.

Codes from Clerical Terrors: Code 16, Code 17, Code 18, Code 19, Code 20, Code 21, Code 22, Code 23, Code 24, Code 25.

Codes from Cocoa: Code 26, Code 27, Code 28, Code 29, Code 30, Code 31, Code 32, Code 33, Code 34, Code 35, Code 36, Code 37.

Codes from Ducks: Code 38, Code 39, Code 40, Code 41, Code 42, Code 43, Code 44, Code 45, Code 46, Code 47.


Author: Bauke

Written Date: 2018-07-31


In the month of December, 17 commits were made by 3 contributors, changing a total of 19 (+224|-205) lines. 14 issues were opened and 6 issues were closed.

An average of 0.47 issues were opened and 0.20 issues were closed each day.

The average time to close issues was 45.36 days or 1088.60 hours.

Top 3 issue creators:

  1. Deimorz with 6 issues created.
  2. cfabbro with 2 issues created.
  3. uselessabstraction with 1 issue created.

Amount of labels assigned to currently open issues:

Amount of labels assigned to closed issues:

Notable Official Topics

2018-12-18What if we eliminated "ownership" of link topics? Click
2018-12-22Short links for topics and groups are now available via the domain Click

Issue Table


335Public / Third Party REST API uselessabstraction2018/12/01 01:04:31
336Add a link to site-wide tag filter in a group-w... ainar-g2018/12/05 23:02:53
337Add >> to create quote blocks like ``` does co... tomflint2018/12/07 01:25:03
338Remove "# hours" from "Post time" on topics old... cfabbro2018/12/07 16:27:22
339Add more default options in "from:" topic sort ... cfabbro2018/12/07 16:30:26
340Email addresses and ftp:// links leave behind b... Deimorz2018/12/07 20:13:01
341Grey line on left of "Edit your comment" anowlcalledjosh2018/12/09 18:40:272018/12/14 05:46:11
342Add sorting options to bookmarks list Deimorz2018/12/10 21:43:21
343Update annotations to take advantage of delayed... Deimorz2018/12/11 23:30:58
344Investigate Grafana Loki for log storage Deimorz2018/12/13 03:16:36
345False data-breach positive on a password jleclanche2018/12/20 20:23:43
346Make "sub-tags" work properly with special tags... Deimorz2018/12/21 02:34:51
347Shortener responds with 422 when no shortener r... haykam2018/12/22 03:07:31
348General accessibility improvements Deimorz2018/12/29 21:56:07


243Strange doubling up of topic summary text on Mi... cfabbro2018/09/01 21:56:522018/12/17 22:11:23
249Update Python to 3.7 Deimorz2018/09/05 20:23:052018/12/11 06:25:39
320Incorrect error message when no search results ... anowlcalledjosh2018/11/02 00:26:272018/12/16 02:42:20
333Fresh Vagrant Up gives an error. jms3012018/11/25 17:27:452018/12/06 22:29:22
334Ampersands aren't included in links anowlcalledjosh2018/11/28 23:13:272018/12/07 20:10:06
341Grey line on left of "Edit your comment" anowlcalledjosh2018/12/09 18:40:272018/12/14 05:46:11