September 2019


The Tildes Issue Log is a monthly recurring post about the changes and progression that Tildes has made. Highlighting some of the newest additions and changes, as well as a complete table of every issue opened and closed in that month, along with some interesting statistics so you can get a look into the development process and a quick grasp of anything you may have missed.


If anything is incorrect or you have anything that you'd like to see changed or added please open an issue, PM me or comment on the posted topic on Tildes.

If you'd like to write a highlight section or want to contribute in any other way, feel free to do so. Like Tildes, this will remain entirely open-source.


New Groups

Early in September on the 5th, @Deimos added the new groups that were proposed in July and further discussed at the end of August. For a list of all the groups you can go to this page, the new groups are:


Author: Bauke

Written Date: 2019-09-29

Stripe Updates

Over the course of several days, the Stripe donation page got reworked to use the new version of Stripe Checkout. This new version will redirect you to a page on the Stripe website instead of using a pop-up modal where you enter your details and donate. This also came with the opportunity to add recurring/subscription-based donations so that's available too now. The available options are "One time", "Monthly" or "Yearly".

I'd also like to take this opportunity to remind you that Tildes has no advertising, no investors, and is supported by your donations. So, if you can, please donate to Tildes through any of the available methods. Thank you!


Author: Bauke

Written Date: 2019-09-30

Various Updates

As with every other month, there were also several changes made:

  • Errors will now be displayed when using buttons. These were previously only logged in the web console.
  • Comments that are 5 or more levels deep will no longer bump the Activity sort.
  • Topic titles can now be edited by the topic author for 5 minutes after posting.
  • Sub-groups you are not subscribed to will now no longer show up in your home feed if you're subscribed to the parent (the sub-groups will still show up in their parent's feeds).
  • A new theme "Gruvbox" (with a light and dark variation) was added, head to your account settings to check them out.

Author: Bauke

Written Date: 2019-09-30

GitLab Reorganization

As alluded to in last month's post a big reorganization of the issue tracker and several other components was done to make it easier to use the issue tracker, so let's go over them:

  • All the label names and descriptions were gone over and updated to be clearer in what they mean and what purpose they serve. For example, previously there was a "suggestion" label that indicated a feature request that wasn't accepted yet and a "feature request" label that indicated it was accepted. These 2 have now been replaced by the Stage labels to indicate if it's an issue that should be fixed (or not) and the Feature Request label. This will allow us to designate if issues like bugs and other non-feature requests have been confirmed or not.
  • A "Bug Report" template was created to guide people through the steps of creating an issue for a bug, including what information they should provide to make it easier for the developers to fix.
  • The Contributing document that outlines how to go about contributing to the Tildes code was also updated, including more examples of how to use the new labels.
  • We'll now start using GitLab's Weight functionality to indicate how complex issues are, ranging from 1 through 5. For a brief rundown on what each weight means, @deing wrote a little something that's also in the Contributing document.
  • An issue board was also created to accommodate the new labels, there you can get a quick overview on the issues and filter them easily without doing it directly in the tracker.


Author: Bauke

Written Date: 2019-09-30


In the month of September, 47 commits were made by 3 contributors, changing a total of 439 (+867|-428) lines. 13 issues were opened and 7 issues were closed.

An average of 0.43 issues were opened and 0.23 issues were closed each day.

The average time to close issues was 134.93 days or 3238.40 hours.

Top 3 issue creators:

  1. Bauke with 3 issues created.
  2. Deimorz with 3 issues created.
  3. cfabbro with 2 issues created.

Amount of labels assigned to currently open issues:

Amount of labels assigned to closed issues:

Notable Official Topics

2019-09-05New groups added, more work still happening on rearranging, moving topics, etc. Click

Issue Table


564Write a step-by-step guide on setting up your o...Bauke2019/09/01 15:45:31
565Add Nord themePopeRigby2019/09/02 01:54:04
566Allow increasing or decreasing the site's font ...cfabbro2019/09/02 21:02:36
567Add list of sub-groups in group sidebarDeimorz2019/09/06 03:11:392019/09/06 22:53:30
568The 'tildes' distribution was not found and is ...laur.cristescu2019/09/07 23:34:272019/09/08 19:59:47
569Add tool for topic metadata editsdeing2019/09/08 15:54:10
570When entering a comma in the tag entry, make th...Bauke2019/09/11 16:02:00
571Find a way to reduce the amount of users accide...cfabbro2019/09/13 03:11:32
572Add option to delete a stored TopicVisitdeing2019/09/14 16:26:58
573Clarify the policy regarding reposts in the docsainar-g2019/09/17 09:05:50
574Update Content Security Policy to only allow St...Deimorz2019/09/21 01:08:27
575Update pyramid-session-redis to 1.5.1+Deimorz2019/09/21 21:52:29
576Add a way to view all the topics and comments y...Bauke2019/09/22 12:48:41


288Labelling a comment that's been deleted throws ...Bauke2018/10/05 17:06:012019/09/11 23:59:07
361Fix robots.txt and some other standard urls on ...Deimorz2019/02/14 08:19:082019/09/01 02:46:12
381Indenting subgroups on the groups listingcfabbro2019/03/02 22:05:402019/09/06 22:53:08
450Split up subgroup/parent group links in the top...deing2019/05/02 21:22:302019/09/06 22:53:19
492Add [Collapse Read] button to top of comment se...cfabbro2019/06/09 03:46:162019/09/04 22:48:46
567Add list of sub-groups in group sidebarDeimorz2019/09/06 03:11:392019/09/06 22:53:30
568The 'tildes' distribution was not found and is ...laur.cristescu2019/09/07 23:34:272019/09/08 19:59:47